VELOZ EXPEDICIONES is the family business of experienced mountain guides Enrique Veloz and his sons Javier and Ivo Arudji.
They invite you to meet he fascinating landscapes of Ecuador and the Andean mountains.
Their professional team for decades equipped with KOFLACH- shell mountaineering boots and with many years of experience in the mountains, making your trip a memorable and safe experience. Of course our trusted Koflach - Partner in Equador, will have the right boots for your adventure also available on-site.

    The specialist in polar regions located in the Arctic Svalbard.
Based on the boots. In the polar regions You better not compromise.
This can be essential for survival.
Their slopes- and snowmakers preparing thanks to warm feets,  perfect pistes for every ski- man and woman.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and , 20 years of offering climbs to the top of Everest and nearby mountains, as well as walks to Everest basecamp, and many beautiful trails, for men and women of all ages. Many mountain guides, Sherpa’s and participants for years relied to the proven Koflach – shell mountaineering boots.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Rhein-Valley Hospital gives hope and deserves trust.