The History

1917 - Moved to the (then) new plants in Köflach / A.

1918.1925 - Mainly producing work shoes for the mining and hunting boots.

1926 - Conversion of the cooperative in the shoe factory Köflach Ltd. Resumption of the Mountain shoe production, manufacture of special shoes for skiing.

1933 - First export for special edged skiboots.

1951 - Trademark Koflach is registred internationally.

1954 - Conversion of the AG into two separate companies: in the shoe factory F. Herunter OHG, Köflach / A, and in the Köflach sports shoe distribution company with limited liability, Graz / A.
1958 - Company orientation is changed fort he production of both ski and mountaineering boots.

1969 - Establishing the Koflach - sports equipment company with limited liability - Head Ski, USA Acquires 74% of the shares.

1973 - Repurchase of shares by the brothers Herunter.

1974 - Sale of the company to the Volvo Fritid, Sweden (100% owned subsidiary of AB Volvo car company).

1977 - Purchase by Dipl.-Ing. ETH Fritz Hatschek, Vöcklabruck/A.

1979 - Commissioning of a newly built production plant. Area: 25,000 m2, constructed area:
8,500 m2, capacity: 500,000 pairs of shoes, high-bay warehouse with 180,000 pair of storage capacity.

1985 - Conversion of Koflach sports equipment, company with limited liability into Koflach Sport Limited Liability Company & Co. KG.

1986 - The focus of the main factory becomes leather hiking boot production.

1987 - On 1 September takes on the sports equipment Koflach Holding AG, Zurich, 49% of the company. The remaining 51% will remain with the former sole owner, Dipl.-Ing. ETH Fritz Hatschek.

1988 - Acquisition of Koflach by Atomic. ATOMIC is the first full-service provider in alpine winter sports. Shoes, skis, bindings and poles develops and manufactures its own production facilities.

1991 - Produktion of Ultra Wheels Inline Skates by Koflach

1993 - Produktion and Distribution of Inline Skates under the name „Oxygen by Koflach“

1994 - Acquisition of Koflach Sport limited liability by AMER Group LDT, Helsinki / Fin.

1997 - Introduction of ski boot collection at ISPO Munich.

Implementation of the Y-technology "two Components" injection technology (combination of hard and smooth plastic lace for easy and natural walking comfort.)

1998 - New Skate generation with Shockz cushioning system.
Reorganization with the merger of central functions with Atomic Austria limited liability company in Altenmarkt / A.

Besides the proven plastic mountain boots, Koflach also offers a ski touring boot "Tour Extreme" as well as hunting and work boots for the military or working in difficult mountain terrain. The range is rounded off with gaiters and socks. Many successful climbers this time rely on your expeditions and tours to Koflach mountaineering boots.

Koflach celebrates its 100th anniversary!
  1999 - Lasse Kjus wins the overall Ski World Cup on Atomic skis and boots.

2002 - The Koflach plant in Köflach / A is closed.

2003 - The brand Koflach is maintained and is popular especially in mountaineering circles in the Alps and beyond.

2006/07 - The product portfolio for the German-speaking Alpine countries (A / CH / D) includes the proven double plastic mountaineering boot but also trekking shoes and sandals.

2008 - The brand Koflach is not actively pursued in the market.


The Koflach-trademark rights are acquired from enthusiastic Swiss investors who understand the potential of the brand and the passion of Koflach users. The Koflach Ltd, based in Switzerland, will be established. The launch of the brand is being prepared.


15. – 18.07.2010 - Koflach the original plastic double-boot returns!

The newly established Koflach Ltd., is at the "Outdoor Exhibition 2010 / Friedrichshafen" the still small but fine selection of Koflach - plastic mountaineering boots for the season spring / summer 2011 to an enthusiastic professional audience.

since 01.11.2010 - The operational headquarter is located in Switzerland. A new international distribution network is under construction.

… Prospects - After the Koflach Ltd.  was been able to supply the first new distributors and dealers, we now want to take care of the valuable feedbacks  from the market, to consolidate the valuable feedbacks from customers for our products and continues to expand our distribution network . Koflach currently focuses on a high quality following the motto "less is more" work with real partners who are seriously Partners, understanding their own profession and market and help us to bring Koflach Mountaineering Boots back to the mountain summits of the world. Stay in touch with us, the Koflach - Story continues.